Anthropologie’s Rhys Chair


every once in a while I like to bust out a quick rendering before starting a new project. Y’know just to get my creative juices flowing. this illustration was inspired by the Rhys Chair shown below.


i fell in love with the green leather and the masculine details. perfection!



1. ” Troy..War Over An Apple?” Scarf by Rumisu

pic 3

2. ” Emerald Garden” by Erin Ashley

pic 1

3. Living Room Inspiration ( Pinterest)

geo 2

4. Double Crescent Ring by Geoflora

Revisit. Revamp. Reflect.


so… yeah. it just hit me that I will be graduating from my interior architecture and design program in may. O_0 which means I need to stop avoiding the tedious task of making sure my portfolio is all nice and’s a lot of work but it gives me an opportunity to revisit old projects, revamp them and reflect on the progress that I’ve made thus far. as i shuffle through the piles of process drawings and design boards, i couldn’t help but to laugh. some of my designs were horrible. what was i thinking?! but i thank God I have the opportunity to clean them up a bit before graduation.operation revamp is in full effect!